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Michelle Rimmer

Welcome friends!  I have 29 years experience in the medical billing and health insurance industry, and taught medical billing and coding at multiple colleges and business schools in New Jersey from 2003-2010. I founded and operated the Professional Medical Billers Association from 2008-2011, and am the author of Medical Billing 101 and Coding Basics: Understanding Medical Collections.  My passion for Autism therapy billing began when I founded ABA Therapy Billing Services, LLC in 2010 and continues to grow each day!


What my workshop attendees have to say!

Illinois attendee...

 " 5++++, This was an awesome training-I could have stayed all day!!"

North Carolina attendee...

"Excellent billing info provided, honest and real conversation, well organized".

West Virginia attendee...

"Thanks (KLAC) for bringing Michelle to us. It was a very informative seminar."

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